4 Cool Decorative Laminate Home Office Ideas on a Budget

4 Cool Decorative Laminate Home Office Ideas on a Budget

Working from home has become the new normal due to the pandemic. The increased acceptance of the concept of working from home has allowed many employees to take more control of their work and lead a life that is less stressful. No doubt, working from home offers an opportunity to manage your time schedule more productively especially if you have a designated work space. Decorative laminates are a pocket friendly solution when looking to build or refurbish a home office. To help, here are four cool decorative laminate home office ideas. 

1. Classic Vintage Look

A classic vintage look never goes out of fashion. Go for pastel laminates for your wooden work desk, and if you want to throw in some color, add a solid colored rug. A chair with vintage print seat cover is a smart choice and flowers always add serenity and freshness to the mix.

2. Dash of Color

The best thing about decorative laminates is that they are available in a variety of colors and textures. If you wish your workspace to be vibrant and lively, you can choose to pick a single color or the entire color wheel. Whatever works for your creativity and enhances your productivity is the way to go. Consider different color laminates for chairs and work desks. Using bold colored cabinets for your inspiration boards or file cabinets will make your home office look more cheerful. Accessorize your office space with some excellent wall art and cheerful flowers in a striking vase.

3. Regal Touch

If you want a classic regal touch for your office space design, laminates can also get the work done. Pastels such as blue, grey, white and brown will work wonders by adding a touch of elegance. Revamp old chairs by changing their cushions, redecorate your old cabinets with decorative laminates, use a simple laminated work table and voila! You have a sprinkle of classic regal in your home office without spending much.

4. Rustic Look with a Modern Twist

Give a rustic look to your home office space using earthy color laminates. You can use laminates with wood grain patterns for your work table to give it a natural touch that boasts a rustic charm and fits in your budget. Add some earthy colors to your upholstery and wall panels to incorporate a stunning look in your home office.

Wrap Up

NewMika offers a vast range of colors, textures and finishes when it comes to laminate sheet designs. All our laminates come with a 10 year warranty that vouches for their durability. To learn more about our range of decorative laminate designs and to discuss your requirements, fill out our contact form or simply call +91 11-4279-1399 or +91 11-4950-1499.