Laminate sheets designs from NewMika Laminates

4 Applications of Laminate Sheets in Interior Design

High Pressure Laminates, like the ones made available from NewMika Laminates, are traditionally popular for their application in residential and office furniture like tabletops, wardrobes, doors, kitchen shutters, and cabinets. Essential qualities such as design versatility, safety, durability and cost effectiveness make an indispensable part of every decor where it finds countless applications. Let’s look at 4 of the many applications of laminates in interior decor. 

1. Wall Protection

Quality HPLs can provide protection to walls in diverse environments such as hallways, dorm rooms, corridors, gyms and daycares. They can also be applied to a portion of the wall as an element of design such as behind the reception area. High Pressure Laminate sheets produced by NewMika Laminates provide longevity to your decor and can hold their own against normal wear and tear as well. 

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2. Bar Front

In any restaurant, a bar front is subject to constant interaction with feet, chairs, baggage and more. High pressure laminates applied to bar fronts can be blended with the correct lighting to provide aesthetic beauty that can withstand heavy use and abrasion.

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3. Service Counter Fronts

Customer Service counters by their very nature have to have a calming and friendly appeal as they are visited by scores of people everyday. NewMika laminates provide hundreds of unique designs to help you create counters with an inviting and friendly vibe. Anti-bacterial properties and durability make them hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.

4. Seating Areas

Seating areas are supposed to be designed in a way that makes users feel comfortable and relaxed while they wait. Replacing chair rails with designer laminates not only compliments the aesthetics in workspaces, but also promotes a feeling of comfort for users. The hard-wearing and impact resistant nature of high pressure laminates also makes a great choice for the application. 


NewMika laminates come in a wide range of colors and design options and can be employed creatively even in a range of spaces. Secured with a solid 10-year product warranty, our laminates sheets consistently find the delicate balance between aesthetics and performance. With a pan-India presence across 300 cities, NewMika works around the clock to provide premium quality, countless options, and competitive pricing. Explore our premium range of laminates or call us at +91 11-4279-1399 to get answers to all your questions.