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Top 4 Wardrobe Laminate Design Ideas to Consider

Enhancing home interiors by adopting trendy designs or new out-of-the-box creative ideas is key to giving your homes a luxurious eye-catching aesthetic appeal. Wardrobes, a key element in every household, are often left out of the interior decor considerations. NewMika, from the house of Greenlam Industries, offers a huge collection of wardrobe laminates that allow you to experiment with some of the trending design ideas. In this blog, we are going to look at four wardrobe laminate design ideas that you can consider. 

1. Hues Of Blue

Introduce your personal aura to your bedroom by choosing an elegant shade for the wardrobes laminates to sync with the decor style and complement the overall aesthetics. Considered as a hue of stability, depth, and intelligence, the color blue adds continuity and gives your room a seamless vibe. It livens up the interiors of any room and assists in attaining maximum impact, thanks to its sleek and minimalistic style.

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2. Combination of Greys

Give a bold transformation to your wardrobe with a creative combination of grey wardrobe laminates. Available in a wide range of different shades and designs, grey laminates add a luxurious appeal and an elegant touch to all kinds of home interior layouts. Be a rugged or a reflective shade, all-grey wardrobe laminates add a unique touch to the decor of your bedroom. They effortlessly blend with the interiors and are guaranteed to work as a sturdy element of luxury and design. 

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3. Shades Of The Spring Season

If you want to add a touch of vibrancy into your bedroom design, combining the numerous shades of spring can be an excellent way to bring your style to life. Associated with liveliness, happiness, and the arrival of spring, different hues of yellow are all set to make your wardrobe the centrepiece of your bedroom. In addition, it is also ideal for kids’ bedrooms as it blends well with the walls and wooden flooring. We can add hyperlinks for any of the decors from the following links:

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4. Elegant Decorative Laminate Designs

The creative mix of white and black wardrobe laminates gives an incredible visual effect to the bedroom, thanks to their contrasting nature. They add a contemporary and refreshing touch to your interiors and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. The abstract patterns and texture lend a sturdy yet sleek tone to wardrobes and create a welcome positive and comforting aura.

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