Economical DIY Office Cubicle Ideas For Start-ups

The start-up culture is popular for three things: innovation, enthusiasm, and zestful, 

out-of-the-box office spaces. If you are working on launching your own start-up plan and plan

to launch it soon, then here are a few super cool office cubicles from around the world for

your inspiration.


Bright colors over crisp white walls is what you would notice at Outbrain’s workspace. The 

cubicles have a dazzling cyan hue beneath bright colored light fixtures. 


At Foursquare, each room has its own flavor and vibe, and there are picnic tables and pool

tables in the cafeteria for the team that dines and plays together. 

General Assembly

The office space at General Assembly is open, light-filled space. To encourage hands-on learning

and ideation, it has blackboard paint, whiteboards and cork walls. 


“Our office décor is truly inspired by our brand and subscribers. The space was designed to

surprise and delight, which we aim to do for our customers,” says Birchbox’s creative director,

Jessica Williams.Feeling inspired yet?! We’re sure you are. Now since we understand the inverse relationship

between funds & start-ups, here are some economical DIY ideas that you can creatively adopt

and set examples for having the quirkiest workspace setup for your employees.

#Idea 1

What you need to do?Keep the walls in plain white, so that you can experiment with color splashing. Pick bright

color laminates easily available in the market for furniture as well as cubicle wall segments.

This will not just be easy on your pocket but also lessen the efforts to maintain its sheen.

Add fresh plants and office accessories according to your business theme.

#Idea 2

What you need to do?All you need is a cork board. These boards open up ample of creativity prospects for you and your

employees. You can either cover the walls beside workstations in full or half with these cork

boards. Again going in sync with your business theme, add accessories and equipments.

#Idea 3

What you need to do?Custom laminate sheets can assist you in giving shape to your creativity & letting your freak

flag fly. You can easily get custom laminate sheets in India as per your preferences with which

you can design the cubicles in whatever way you want to. Moreover, this is yet again a pocket

friendly affair and wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg for bringing your imagination in real

world.Analyze and select stylish and cost-effective furniture and laminate options, sprinkle a spark

ingenuity, and voila! You have created an awesome workspace for your start-up!