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4 Tips for Designing a Conference Room

All companies, big or small, are leveraging the power of the internet to employ remote workers from around the globe. While remote employees tend to reduce operational expenses and make matters simple, businesses still need a foolproof way to keep in touch with their workforce. Conference rooms, come in handy as they allow businesses to connect with employees and clients in a hassle-free manner. Dedicated spaces such as conference rooms need to be aesthetically appealing, accessible, and comfortable. Read on as we discuss four tips for designing a conference room. 

Create Ample Room 

When designing a conference room, basics such as its capacity and arrangement of furnishings must be planned well in advance. Generally speaking, a conference room that is to accommodate at least 30 people, must ideally measure 32 feet by 14 feet. A spacious conference room with enough walking room keeps attendees comfortable throughout the duration of meetings and other discussions.

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Install Latest Tech 

Conference room meetings are heavily reliant on elements such as the audiovisual system and internet connectivity. Investing in high-quality tech equipment helps improve the overall utility of a conference room. Connectivity issues, audio problems, and other hiccups during important conference sessions can stifle productivity and end up reflecting poorly on your brand. High-quality tech not only helps deliver a seamless conferencing experience but also helps maintain your brand image. 

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting 

Long hours of working under fluorescent lights is known to damage the eyes by causing eye strain, blurred vision, and other troubling symptoms. Natural lighting, on the other hand, is beneficial to the eyes, adds a touch of liveliness and energy into working spaces, while also making them appear spacious. Install quality blinds to help cut out the lighting for video-conference sessions and presentations.

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Go for the Best Table Design 

When choosing a conference room table, aesthetics, comfort, and durability are a few key factors to be taken into consideration. While buying a hardwood rectangle or oval-shaped conference room table may end up costing your business a fortune, a table with a laminate surface can be an economical choice. Features such as high abrasion resistance, aesthetic appeal, and moisture resistance make laminates an apt surfacing solution for your conference room table. You can choose from countless laminate designs.

The Last Word 

A well-designed conference room with elegant furnishing, the latest audio and video equipment, and natural lighting is a great asset for your business. Opt for a conference room table with a laminate finish to get both good looks and superior performance. NewMika Laminates, from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd., offers a wide variety of laminate designs with over 350 decors in various patterns. Browse through our catalogue to discover a furniture laminate sheets’ design that suits your decor and brand. If you have any other questions or wish to discuss your requirement, call us at +91-11-4279-1399 or simply fill out our contact form, we will take it from there.