Wood Textured

The versatility of New Mika’s latest laminates collection lets you add a unique style and look to every place in your home. Whether its durability or elegance that you are after, New Mika’s new arrivals in laminates is sure to leave you spellbound! This all-new laminates collection has been exclusively designed to seamlessly accentuate any décor, be it traditional or modern. Every laminate has its own story to tell and will never cease to amaze you! Offered in six interesting textures – painted wood, soft buff, stones, tidal, wood craze and fabric, New Mika’s laminates collection is pretty extensive, making sure that you find a laminate design that caters to your unique style, taste and preferences.

These laminates can subtly elevate the beauty of the walls, ceiling, tabletops and many other surfaces. With a range of alluring colors and textures to choose from, our fresh laminates collection is designed to exceed all your expectations. Fine textures and rustic colors are backed by integral features like long lasting durability, scratch and wear resistance, New Mika’s ever burgeoning laminates collection is sure to find its way into your home.