It started when you conceived to decorate your home with a personal touch.

Digital laminates from New Mika are developed to paint your ideas of home decoration with unending creative possibilities.

Utilizing ultra-modern technology, vibrant colors and contemporary patterns, we at New Mika strive to turn your abode into a dream home. Our captivating range of digital laminates blend patterns and colors to add a dash of modern style to your interior décor and make your living spaces more imaginative.

You can choose between a vintage or a modern look, from classic patterns to retro hues. You can even mix and match from the different designs and finishes to breathe new life into your home’s decor. Each design in New Mika’s range of digital laminates takes inspiration from different shades of life itself, be it the tinctures of post modern creativity or the beauty of nature in our everyday life.

So let your information flow and make it possible with our eclectic range of digital laminates.