Laminate sheets for furniture from NewMika Laminates

What Makes NewMika Laminates an Ideal Choice for Your Project?

If you are on the market for laminate sheets, looking for something that complements contemporary design sensibilities, you cannot go wrong with NewMika laminates. A brand of Greenlam Industries - one of India’s leading laminate manufacturer - NewMika offers a wide selection of premium quality laminate sheets in an extensive array of designs and colours that can make any living space come alive. If that’s not a good enough reason to put your trust in NewMika laminate sheets, we give you not one but six attributes of our laminate sheets that make them ideal for your project. Take a look. 

Surface Wear Resistance

One of the most common problems with traditional laminates is that their surface begins to wear after some time. But you can forget about that when you go for NewMika laminate sheets for furniture. Our laminate sheets are manufactured to resist the erosion caused by mechanical, physical and even chemical activities. 

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Scratch Resistance

Say goodbye to scratches that are usually the first blemishes on items with laminate surfacing. NewMika laminates are manufactured using high-quality kraft paper and resins, leveraging leading-edge technology, which makes them highly resistant to scratches - even by sharp objects that are much harder than the laminates. 

Heat Resistance

Another attribute that sets our laminate sheets apart is their exceptional resistance to dry heat (up to 180-degree Celcius) as well as steam. In fact, our laminate sheets are manufactured to endure even up to boiling point temperature. The heat resistance property makes them ideal for even the most demanding environment. 

Crack Resistance

When you invest your heart in soul in your project, it goes without saying you would like everything to remain intact for years to come. NewMika laminate sheets, with their remarkable resistance to cracks caused by virtually all damaging factors such as atmospheric pressure, humidity, and seasonal changes. 

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Stain Resistance

One of the most common problems with cheap quality laminates is their vulnerability to stains and blemishes. If you want the surfaces of your furniture to look as good as new for years to come, look no further than NewMika laminates for furniture, which are engineered to resist even the most stubborn stains such as coffee, wine, sauces, and even turmeric.

Dimensional Stability

Last but not least, exceptional dimensional stability is another reason to use NewMika laminates for furniture in your dream project. Being engineered and manufactured to easily handle expansion and contraction, our laminate sheets are ideal to be used in all sorts of climates and environments.

The Last Word

In light of all that we have discussed, it would be safe to say that NewMika laminate sheets are the ideal choice for any kind of furniture surfacing project, whether residential or commercial. If you are looking for high-quality laminate sheets that not only look great but also maintain their shine for years, look no further than NewMika - one of India’s leading brands offering premium high-pressure laminate sheets. To discuss your requirements or learn more about available latest laminate designs for furniture such as wardrobes, tables, shutters, countertops, and cabinets, reach out to us at +91 11-4279-1399 or +91 11-4950-1499. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and we will get back to you soon.