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What Makes Laminates an Ideal Surfacing Material for Kitchens

Kitchen is the place where one not only unbridle their culinary genius but also make countless memories. No wonder all designers, architects, and homeowners pay special attention to this section of the house. That also explains the never-ending options available when it comes to choosing the elements that go into any kitchen decor. When it comes to surfacing options, not many stand out the way kitchen laminates do, and that too for all the right reasons! Keep reading as we present all that makes kitchen laminates the best choice for various surfacing applications in the kitchen. 

Remarkable Resistance to Stains

One of the biggest concerns when choosing a surfacing material for the kitchen is that of stains, which affect most kitchen environments. Substances such as oil, turmeric, sauces, and coffee can easily blemish traditional surfacing materials such as marble. That is just not the case when you go for the premium kitchen laminates offered by NewMika. Besides being perfect for elegant interiors, top quality kitchen laminates are also highly resistant to all sorts of stains. 

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Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

You can say goodbye to hours of grueling cleaning regimes that are usually required after every couple of months in most kitchen settings. As kitchen spaces are exposed to various damaging elements such as steam, oil spills, flour, and raw food, countertop surfacing often takes a good beating. That is another area where kitchen laminates have you covered. Apart from being highly resistant to stains, laminate surfaces can be easily cleaned in the event that they get affected.

Distinctively Elegant Appeal

Most people are bored with traditional surfacing options such as titles and marbles, whereas the desired options such as wood usually fall heavy on the pocket. Our contemporary kitchen laminates let you achieve a distinctively elegant appeal, that too without having to go overboard with finances. What you get is a cost-effective surfacing solution that lets you manifest your creativity to perfection and create an ambiance that is characteristic of your persona. 

Exceptional Durability and Lifespan

All surfaces in kitchens, be it cabinets, countertops or wall panels, are subjected to high temperature and humidity, both of which can have a detrimental effect on conventional surfacing options such as wood. In fact, even more resilient options such as marble and tiles are also susceptible to regular wear and tear. On the other hand, kitchen laminates, being made from multiple layers of kraft paper bonded together using high-strength resin under high temperature and pressure, are built to stand the test of time despite taking a battering. 

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The Final Word

In light of all that we have discussed, it is safe to say that kitchen laminates are a remarkable option for all sorts of kitchen surfacing needs. It is important that you never compromise on quality just to save some bucks. Surfacing applications are supposed to be long-term investments that must be made with value in mind. NewMika - a contemporary laminate brand from Greenlam Industries, one of India’s leading manufacturers of premium high-pressure laminates for all types of applications. To discuss your requirement or learn more about our range of laminates for the kitchen, fill out our contact form or simply call +91 11-4279-1399 or +91 11-4950-1499.