Turning Old Interior Doors from Drab to Fab

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A wise man once said ‘Old ways won’t open new doors’.

Well it is not always the old ways or new ways that can make you open new doors but sometimes certain DIY tricks too can surely make you do that. Here in this blog get inspiration on how you can revamp old doors in your home and give them a modern look.

Stencil it

If you are bored of the monotonous doors then stencil them for a change. Get a stencil of your choice to create an abstract print on the inside doors. To do this, you would simply need few spray colors and stencil. Do not forget to watch few tutorials on how to spray paint a door before you finally give it a try.

Be creative with decorative laminates

Market is flooded with aesthetic decorative laminates for doors. Choose the one that would sync in with the look and feel of the interiors of your house and get it placed on the old doors of your home. It is easy to completely change the door décor and give your home a creative revival; all that you need are decorative laminates and some innovative laminate ideas.

Add a color to doors

White is the color that interior designers rely upon for styling homes; same goes for doors. But in case, the furniture of your house isn’t in white color, do not just blindly paint the doors white. Combination of white with any other bold color in your house be it natural brown on the doors is a good way to transform the old doors. You may also use laminate sheets in different colors to create an abstract looking door.

Get hinges colored

When you want your house to reflect your colorful persona, try a little experiment with the hinges of the doors. Unscrew the doors and add a tint of colors on the hinges. Bright colored hinges on plain white doors make the home décor further lively.

Out of all of these, laminate ideas are the easiest and pocket friendly, so if you are looking for painless way to add a modern touch, you know what to rely upon.

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On December 30, 2015

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