Decorative laminates catalogue for kitchen from NewMika Laminates

Transform Your Kitchen with Premium Decorative Laminates

Would you like to beautify your kitchen, but doing a 360º remodel is out of the question? Don’t worry! There’s no need to take your kitchen apart. By using decorative laminates you can make the big aesthetic impact you’re looking for. Read on as we present some of the ways in which you can transform the appeal of your kitchen using premium decorative laminates from NewMika

Kitchen Applications of Decorative Laminates

Decorative laminates can be used to transform all the major components of your kitchen’s design. In fact, you can completely change the color scheme and decor style of your kitchen using decorative laminates. Here are some of the most popular applications:

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Perhaps the most obvious application for decorative laminates is kitchen countertops. Decorative laminates are extremely popular here because of their great appeal and durability. NewMika has an extensive laminate catalogue, featuring exquisite decorative laminates. From wood and stone patterns to abstract designs, giving your countertops the ultimate look is possible with our laminates. Made with sophistication in mind, we are committed to delivering the highest quality designs.

In terms of function, our laminates are scratch and heat resistant and exceptionally easy to maintain. Their ultra-smooth surface can be wiped away in a matter of seconds, as unlike other stone countertops, our laminates are highly resistant to stains.

Kitchen Cabinets

The thing about kitchen cabinets is that trends are always changing. Decades ago dark brown cabinets ruled the game. Then came the age of white cabinets. Now we are moving towards more modern designs. Keeping up is nearly impossible! Thankfully, decorative laminates can help you give your kitchen cabinets an update without splurging on brand new ones. Just pick a set of stylish decorative laminates from our laminate catalogue and you’re good to go!

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Pantry and Storage

Decorative laminates can also be used to enhance your pantry and other kitchen storage spaces. You’ll find beautiful designs in New Mika’s kitchen laminates catalogue. You can use our laminates to resurface drawers, shelves, and other storage furniture pieces to make your entire kitchen feel stylish!

Choosing The Best Decorative Laminates Designs

The first step to selecting the best decorative laminates for your kitchen is defining your style. What look are you going for? What color scheme do you like the most? Based on this information, you can choose between our endless range of decorative laminates. Choices include wood patterns, solids, metals, abstract designs, and digital styles. Don’t forget to take a look at the trendiest designs from our hottest new arrivals. With NewMika’s premium decorative laminates, adding style to your kitchen will be as effortless as it can be. Take a look at our laminate catalogue or reach us for advice to select the best products for your space!

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