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Top 4 Laminate Design Ideas to Consider for Wardrobes

Wardrobes are an integral component of bedroom decor. Apart from storage, wardrobes also contribute to the overall appearance of the bedroom. When it comes to wardrobes, HPL sheets are a reliable surfacing material that not only makes wardrobes visually appealing, but also contributes to their functionality with attributes such as anti-microbial properties. While it's no surprise that high-pressure laminates come in a wide range of colour shades and textures, choosing the right pick largely depends on the decor theme. Continue reading as we discuss the top four laminate design ideas to consider for wardrobes.

Personalised Patterns

Personalisation is one of the top decor themes for residential spaces. Whether it is about getting an abstract pattern for making the bedroom decor stand apart from regular themes or getting a quote printed that holds a special place in your heart, digital laminatesare your go-to option. NewMika Laminates’ digital collection  allows you to go beyond the “regular” way and give your wardrobes a unique look.

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Vibrant Colours

Adding vibrant colours to your wardrobes is still relevant. If you are considering giving your dull wardrobes an engaging and rich appearance, opting for vibrant colours is the best way. With vibrant colours, it is also possible to create a dual-tone contrast such as the classic “red & yellow”, “lavender & teal”, and “royal blue & peach” which will create a pleasant and welcoming ambience for visitors. NewMika Laminates, a leading name in providing world-class engineered laminates, houses an extensive catalogue of aesthetically alluring laminates that goes perfectly with every decor theme.

Glossy Laminates

Glossy laminates are a perfect surfacing material for those considering embellishing wardrobes with a luxurious look. As the name suggests, glossy laminates are super lustrous and are an ideal option to create a premium appeal. The textureless smooth surface of the high gloss laminates repels stains, keeping the sheen of the surface intact. Some of the finest gloss laminates in our SuperMar collection include Classic Mahogany, Porpoise Grey, and Pietra-Cave Grey.

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Contrast of Black & White

The classic “Black & White”theme is timeless and goes well with modern sophisticated decor themes. Being a dual-coloured design theme, having a contrast of black and white allows you to explore a myriad of combinations of patterns including the regular vertical and horizontal, creative spiral pattern, and the pattern. When it comes to opting for a black-and-white colour contrast, designers can choose the type of finish (Matte or Glossy) depending on the decor.

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