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The Advantages of Using Decorative Laminates

A product of cutting-edge technology, high pressure decorative laminates are made from resins and high-quality paper, pressed with the right amount of heat and pressure. Thanks to their resistance to stains and scratches; laminates have taken the home decor industry by storm. Another reason behind the ever-increasing popularity of laminates is the multifariousness in designs. NewMika laminates catalogue has got plenty of impressive designs that can cover almost any type of place. On that note, let us take a look at the main advantages of using decorative laminates for the purpose of home and office interior decor.

1. Wide Variety

With the amalgamation of modern technology, architectural skill and artists' creativity, the variety of decorative laminates and their designs are unlimited. The good thing is that advancements have got us free from restrictions that once existed in the home decor sector. Be it any color, texture or design, you name it and our decorative laminates catalogue has got it. 

2. Easy Customization

Different people have different tastes when it comes to the adornment of their personal or work space. Using designer laminates ensure that there is something for every type of requirement. Depending on how you have arranged the rest of the room, you can choose the laminate design and get it customized as per your preferences.

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3. Accommodation for Changing Taste

Variety is indeed the spice of life. There have been many instances where people tend to get bored with the current look of their home and desire some modifications to spruce up their place. While stone and hardwood are two of the most commonly used materials in renovation projects, they entail intricate installation and other related processes that consume a lot of time. If you desire the same look in a much shorter timespan, laminates present an excellent substitute that gives you the freedom to experiment at your will.

4. Durable

Having been made from a combination of stain resistant and protective materials, decorative laminates are built to last. Other attributes such as resilience to damage and stains further add to the lifespan of decorative laminates. The fact that laminate is durable makes up for all its costs and provide the customers with full value for their money.

5. Affordable and Easy-to-maintain

Natural materials such as stone or wood entail significant costs. The installation process, as well as the cost of the material used for laminates, is not as high the traditional alternatives, which explains their increasing usage in both residential and commercial projects. Moreover, as they are easy to maintain, it further reduces your long-term expenses.

Wrap Up

Whether you are a designer or homeowner, decorative laminates can help you revolutionize the decor of your living spaces, just the way you want. That is when you can trust a name such as NewMika. Featuring decorative laminates in an array of beautiful designs, our laminates catalogue will surely leave you spoilt for choice. Being one of the leading laminate manufacturers in India, we ensure you get nothing but the best in terms of quality and value. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our products, simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or write to us at