Catalogue of decorative laminate sheets from NewMika Laminates

Remodel Your Home or Office Interiors with NewMika Laminates

Laminates are a preferred choice for everyone today owing to various reasons, such as affordable pricing, exceptional durability, high resistance to scratches and blemishes, and easy maintenance. Available in a wide variety of designs, laminates are typically made by printing patterns on multiple layers of resin-bonded kraft paper. Nowadays, laminates are widely used in all types of commercial and residential spaces for their many benefits. Their use is also quite prevalent in kitchens and commercial areas such as malls and multiplexes, as they offer unmatched appeal and easy maintenance. Continuing on the subject, we present an overview of how you can use the latest laminates to give a makeover to your home or workplace. Read on.

1. Modular Cabinets

Today, laminated kitchen cabinets are attracting a lot of attention. You may have your plywood-topped cabinets decorated with colourful textures to give your kitchen a modern and different look. NewMika’s extensive laminate shade card will help you in choosing the right tone for your kitchen!

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2. Furniture

One of the most common places to use laminates in your home decoration is furniture. You can take your pick from NewMika’s latest laminate designs to enrich your bed, tables, TV cabinets, study table, and other similar furniture.

3. Shelves and Cupboards

The wall shelves or bookshelves can be another application area for decorative laminates. Using decorative laminates as a surfacing material for shelves and cupboards lets you create bespoke interiors that accurately reflect the taste and persona of the occupants or users. 

4. Wall Panels

Wall highlighting is the latest decor trend these days as it gives a whole new look to the regular walls and ceilings. You can choose textured or patterned laminates to decorate your ceilings. For instance, the wall behind the bed in your bedroom can be covered with NewMika’s wooden, solid, or metal laminate designs. You may also create wall partitions using decorative laminates which will give your bedroom a whole new different look. 

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Why Choose NewMika?

As one of the prominent laminate suppliers in India, NewMika offers a wide spectrum of latest laminate designs that can enhance the interior of any space, be it a home, workplace, lounge, restaurant, or any other area. NewMika’s laminates catalogue features more than 350 contemporary options inspired from international trends. NewMika’s love for innovation reflects in the numerous design patterns, colours, and textures available in our decorative laminates catalogue, so finding the perfect ones for your project shouldn’t take you too long. 

The Final Word

With a trusted name such as NewMika, renovating your home or office interiors should not be a challenge. Our product experts are always there to suggest you the best laminate suiting your style, needs and budget. With a comprehensive collection of beautiful laminate designs, you can give your home a unique touch and class without much trouble. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our products, fill out our contact form or call us at +91-11-4279-1399 or +91 11-4950-1499.