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New Trends in HPL Sheet Design: From Bold Colours to Natural Textures

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) sheets have become a popular choice for both interior and exterior design applications due to their corrosion, moisture, microbial, and fire-retardant properties. They are available in a variety of bespoke designs, patterns, colours, and textures to enhance the look of your space. If you are looking for innovative HPL sheet designs, look no further than NewMika. In this blog post, we will explore the latest trends in HPL sheet design, from bold colours to natural textures, offered by NewMika.


The Raso collection features a range of HPL sheets inspired by silky textures. They are soft to the touch and available in bold colours, including pink, green, and black, perfect for creating a monochromatic look. The satin-finished HPL sheets perfectly create a modern and contemporary look in interior or exterior design.

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Hybrid Novel Gloss

The Hybrid Novel Gloss collection features a range of smooth, shiny, and reflective HPL sheets that give your design a high-gloss finish. They are available in bold and bright colours, which add vibrancy and energy to any space. Hybrid Novel Gloss HPL sheets are an excellent choice for creating a modern and sleek look in your design.

Honey Tones

The Honey Tone woodgrain laminate collection creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it suitable for use in both commercial and residential spaces. The collection features HPL sheets in subtle, neutral colours to provide a calm and soothing experience. Honey Tone HPL sheets add a plain yet elegant look to your interior design.

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The Rustic collection features a range of HPL sheets inspired by natural wood, which gives a bold and weathered look to any space. When paired with light stone and metal brush, the Rustic collection can create both classic and modern decor. The collection is available in a wide range of colours, including brown, beige, and grey, to meet various design requirements.

Textiles and Geometrics

The Textile and Geometrics pattern is a form of abstract art that gives a unique and interesting look to your space. The collection features a range of textured HPL sheets in different colour shades, perfect for creating a tactile and visually interesting space. Additionally, the collection features a range of geometric HPL sheets that can help create a modern and contemporary look.

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