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Love Language Inspired Interior Decor Ideas: Here’s What You Should Know

Whether it's about greeting someone for a special occasion or inviting others to brunch, love language influences several aspects of a person’s overall personality. This also includes how people visualise and design their interior spaces. When it comes to interior design, choosing the right type of surfacing material can help your decor stand out. While there are different types of surfacing materials available, high-pressure laminates, owing to their endless design options and exceptional durability, are among the top choices for architects, interior designers, and homeowners. Continuing on the topic, we present three types of love language-inspired decor ideas that will help you accentuate your relationships with your loved ones.

Token of Appreciation: Elevating Decor with Your Gifts 

The ‘token of appreciation’ is a love language commonly observed among gift lovers who take delight in displaying the gifts they receive. Each gift carries a unique story, making it essential for those whose love language is ‘token of appreciation’ to thoughtfully design their spaces. Allocating an accent wall to showcase your kids’ awards or artwork or placing a china cabinet/shelf to display crockery or figurines are some of the best ways to make your decor personalised with special moments, with your special ones. Given the sentimental value gifts hold for gift lovers, it is always advisable to choose furnishings or display options that last long and preserve their original essence. When it comes to choosing a surfacing material for your accent wall or shelf, it is always advisable to opt for high-pressure wall cladding and laminate sheets. At NewMika, we offer a splendid range of premium high-pressure wall cladding and laminate sheets that can help make your interior spaces both meaningful and visually stunning.

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Words of Affirmation: Initiating Deep Conversations

A tough day at work or simply a bad day can be exhausting and frustrating, leaving you surrounded by negative thoughts. People opt differently to deal with this negativity, however, “word-inclined people” who have “words of affirmation” as their love language require a deep conversation in a comfortable and relaxing ambiance. The impact of a deep conversation also depends on how soothing the ambiance is, which is why it is advisable to opt for a surfacing material like high-pressure laminate sheets that offer a wide range of soothing colour combos and designs to help you transform your interiors in a way where you can express yourself and carry long and meaningful conversations.

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Spending Quality Time: Improving Relations through Warm Gestures

If your love language is “spending quality time” and you’re someone who likes to give proper time for lunch or coffee gatherings, it is no doubt that you prefer places that have a relaxing and “cosy” ambiance. Scientifically, a soothing interior space helps uplift the mood by releasing dopamine and decreasing cortisol levels. Such people like creating an “inviting and spacious” ambience that features proper natural light, and they are “extra-careful” while getting their decors designed. This is where high-pressure laminates prove to be a perfect ally as a surfacing material that features a diverse spectrum of designs and finishes, including matte-finished laminate sheets that help diffuse hard light.

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