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Latest Wardrobe Design Trends You Should Know

Are you looking to refresh your wardrobe design? Have you cleared out your closet only to notice that your wardrobes need a transformation? We are here to help! Whether you are renovating your existing wardrobe or planning on designing a new one, learning about the latest wardrobe design trends can be immensely helpful. With new layouts, colors, styles, and accessories ideas, the sky's the limit. Spruce up your wardrobe with new styles and added functionality. Read on to know how you can transform your existing wardrobe design using the latest trends. 

Laminate Designs

The use of laminate sheet designs as a surfacing material is one of the latest trends in wardrobe designs. Laminate sheets go through an extensive manufacturing process that makes them resistant to dirt, dust, bacteria, germs, and harsh cleaning agents. There are hundreds of laminate sheet design options to choose from- they come in all colors, textures, and finishes. Whether you want a sultry glossy look, a badass matte finish, or a chic solid look, choosing the right wardrobe laminate design is the way to go.

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Built-in/Sliding Wardrobes

A stellar addition to any wardrobe, built-in wardrobes have been available in the market for a while now. You can get these wardrobes customized according to your personal needs. This will help you maximize the use of space while minimizing any wastage of area. Sliding wardrobe panels, drawers that pop open, or revolve on their own axis are some of the latest trends in wardrobes design.

Add-on Hardware

If you’re looking to add that crowning touch to your design, then selecting the right hardware is where you should focus. Handles, latches, and knobs that make a statement are the way to go. You can update your dressing table, cabinets, and wardrobes with modern surfacing solutions such as laminate sheets.

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The use of lighting has come a long way, from the single bulb lighting of yesteryear to the contemporary dedicated light slots of today. You can use single or multiple bulbs with your modern-day wardrobe if you’re looking to get that retro-urban feel. You could also decide to go for dedicated LED light slots if you’re looking for an ultra-chic and modern aesthetic. When it comes to lighting, you can use traditional or modern lighting, with a traditional or modern-day wardrobe design in different combinations to acquire the look and feel you’re going for.

The Last Word

Wardrobes are an essential element of any residential area, and they need to be in harmony with the overall decor in terms of both design and colour. Choosing modern surfacing solutions, installing add-on hardware, and leveraging lighting to create a plush ambiance are a few aspects that you need to remember. NewMika’s laminates come in a wide range of colors and design options. Secured with a solid 10-year product warranty, our laminates consistently find the delicate balance between aesthetics and performance. If you have any questions about our laminate sheet designs or would like to discuss your requirements, simply call +911142791399 or fill out our contact form and we’ll take it from there.