Laminates In Modern Era


Regarded as the harbinger of laminates in modern era,NewMika from the house of Greenlam Industries Limited offers a range of decorative laminates to reform our living space.

NewMika brings the best of decorative laminate sheets that promise a stylized lifestyle. These laminates have multipurpose applications from offices to homes, in reception desks to kitchen cabinets and table tops… NewMika believes in offering the most elite collection of laminates with the most superior outlook and of the best quality. It promises to keep one updated with the newest trends.It started in 2008 and since then the production has grown at a steady pace and has been equipped with timely reforms. Today, NewMika has extended its production capacity up to 3,00,000 laminate sheets per day with a range of sizes and also customized sizes as  requested, which can be delivered anywhere across the globe. In India, it has 33  distribution centers, across various states. The production process it unequivocally monitored for quality control and only the best of their flawless products are given to the customers.

Range of Collection

Available in a wide assortment of colors, NewMika’s range of Laminate Sheets is ideal for use in all interior applications, home or otherwise. From the most serene shades and textures to a colorful blast of shades and textures, it incorporates everything. It has laminates for every surface. Adding a new facet, NewMika’s product range includes Metal Laminates, Wood Grains and many more.

Technical Specification

NewMika laminates are resistant to dry heat at 180°C, immersion in boiling water, cracking, 

scratching, staining, color change, cigarette burns and steam.The laminate comes in 4’*8’ dimension.

NewMika for your House


The most secure place in the world is one’s bedroom. To beautify the sleeping experience, NewMika  Laminates have strived to transform the bedroom. Now everyone will wake up to the marvelous room, thus transformed by NewMika.

A color of lighter shade and subtler texture helps to spread peace and soothes the soul.

The room which reflects the deepest desires of a person gives eternal joy. So such textured laminates should be chosen.

 While ceiling emanates a blissful living


Kitchen is not a place for cooking and dishwashing solely. It a place of creativity, of new ideas.

Put some vibrant shades; use the NewMika Laminates to transform the cooking experience into

something more joyous.

Bright colors like orange, crimson and yellow so well for the cabinets as they signify energy that ebbs away exhaustion.

Color black is to be strictly avoided

Wood grain texture or such coarse ones give a home land feel to the cooking.

NewMika Laminates have epitomized today’s offices and homes with their exquisite collection and reasonable ranges. Indulge in the new and stylized experience to turn a mundane work place into one that reflects creativity, wisdom and enthusiasm.