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    • 2015
  • Laminates for a Lavish Home

  • Practicality and affordability represent the two trump cards for laminates. Comparing with
    alternatives like wallpapers, carpeting and hardwood furnishings, laminates are undoubtedly
    simpler to maintain and have a promising durability. To top it all, modern laminates perfectly
    mimic a variety of other types of floors.
    So, read on some general advice for laminating your home!
    For the entire house
    Be careful while selecting laminates. Make sure that the laminates chosen for the floor
    or walls do actually complement the color of your doors and furniture. But remember, it
    is not necessary to have similar colors; contrasts would work well too.
    For the bedrooms
    The bedroom is certainly a place where you would want to relax, be comfortable and get
    a good sleep. So, when you are choosing laminates for this room, go for light colors or
    those that blend well with the color of the room. Try and avoid loud colors and combinations
    for they have the notion of bringing bad dreams and evil thoughts to one’s mind.
    For the living room
    Evidently a room that speaks of your class and elegance, it is therefore, essential to furnish
    your living room in the most graceful and tasteful manner. If your living room is small in size,
    opt for light colored laminates as they make it look bigger and lighter. On the other hand, if
    your living space is bigger in area, choose dark colored laminates which will provide an elegant
    feeling and highly speak of your urbane style.
    For the kitchen and bathroom
    Laminates in the kitchen and bathrooms? Yes, of course! Today, laminates in India come with
    water and scratch resistant feature making them one of the best materials to install any and
    everywhere. Again, the colors should be selected according to the size of the kitchen and
    bathrooms, as similar to the living room. Make sure of choosing a laminate type with really
    long durability as the two are intensely used rooms.

    With the changing times, change the look or your house and give it a laminate makeover.
    Available in a verity of colors, patterns, textures and shapes, laminates have the prowess
    to add five stars to your home decor. Install contemporary digital laminates or solid colored
    ones and give your dwelling an elegant and stylish urban look.