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Laminate Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Your bedroom is not only a place to sleep and rest, but a reflection of your lifestyle and personality. In a way, your bedroom should be a sanctuary for you to relax after a long day and designed according to your style and preferences. Take a look at your current room setup. Is it visually appealing? Is it warm and welcoming? Does it bring you peace? Answering “no” to any of those questions indicates that is time for a bedroom makeover. For those looking to create an outstanding transformation with simple materials, check out the bedroom laminate ideas below.

Interior Design Ideas Using Laminates For The Bedroom

Statement Wall

Are your bedroom walls kind of dull and empty? The best way to transform the look of your bedroom is through the addition of a statement wall. Statement walls can easily be created using laminates for the bedroom. The wide range of colors and patterns available makes any result a possibility. From adding warmth with the addition of wood-like panels or a pop of color with solid laminate sheets, you can create different styles to fit your own personality. Whenever you decide it's time for a new change, simply trade your original laminates for a new design. 

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A new stylish headboard is the perfect solution to highlight the beauty of your bed and make it look more grand and inviting. The best part is that you can easily create an elegant headboard using any of the bedroom laminates on our catalogue. Simply choose the design that fits your aesthetic the best and get to work. In case you have a headboard you love and don’t want to get rid off, you can easily resurface it with laminates. You can also create an affordable headboard by applying laminate to a particle board. For a more creative application, consider applying bedroom laminates directly to the wall behind your bed. This last choice will save you tons of money and effort and still deliver enviable results.

Decorative Shelf

Adding shelving is being used in the bedroom to display anything from decorative picture and art frames to perfume collections. Ideal to prop candles and even flowers, shelves can really uplift the look of your bedroom. Different laminate designs can be applied to bare shelve structures to add sophistication and beauty. Laminates replicating rich wood shades are the perfect choice to create an elegant shelf. This piece can easily be added over the bed or on a bare wall to add warmth and style.

In Conclusion

Laminates are widely loved in design due to their ability to improve nearly any surface. Bedrooms are an ideal room for application of these decorative materials. Many bedroom laminate projects, including the ones presented above, turn out to be simple but have a major impact in aesthetics. Are you ready to improve the look of your bedroom? At NewMika, you’ll find a wide range of laminates designed to improve your favorite indoor spaces. For more information on our products and their applications contact our team at +91 11-4279-1399 or send an email at