Innovate to Renovate

The Idea Behind Home Renovation

The concept of home renovation follows the path of innovation. Innovating creatively 

when it comes to your home décor gives your home a distinct yet definitive aura of its own.

How to do it?

The best way to go about is by using laminates. There are various types of laminates which

allow you to explore your creativity without comprising on quality, hygiene as well as security.

When renovating your home, laminates give you the freedom to experiment to the max and 

allow you to innovate.

Tips to Renovate

Factoring in the Natural Light— Plan your home décor based on the availability of natural lights

in your home.

Paint the world with your imagination— Use your imagination to do your home décor as per a theme.

Use the walls as canvas— Start with the walls

 Don’t miss the 2nd attention seeker i.e. the floor

The leading laminate manufacturers in India offer you freedom to customize your laminates. 

Hence, you can integrate any particular theme in mind ranging from kid’s cartoon to nostalgia 

mode, royal to class room, nature green to ocean blue etc.

Position the furniture at your home— Furniture has to be positioned as per your daily needs, 

and matching your interior décor with your furniture can have an efficacious effect.

Decide on the colors, patterns of your choice— Gather a laminate with a patchwork of colors or

choose a sporty look. Executing your beautiful plan of renovation should be complimented with 

laminates from the best laminate suppliers, New Mika, one of the leading laminate manufacturersin India.

Beautify your home the laminate way!