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Indispensable Attributes of Great Office Decor.

Office design has a huge impact on the image of your organization, branding efforts, the functionality of spaces, productivity, and it is very easy for everything to go wrong with your decor due to a miscalculation regarding a single element. In much the same way, you can find magic bullet type of elements that can single-handedly ensure the success of your office decor efforts. Decorative laminate sheets are one such versatile element that you can use to transform any interior decor, fulfill your branding needs, and personalize workspaces. Continuing on the subject, we discuss some indispensable attributes of 21st-century office decor. Read on. 

Color Scheme

Color is central to any branding initiative as it makes or breaks the first impression factor. It is a major part of your identity and defines how your message/meaning is received, which is why it must be chosen carefully and feature prominently in your office decor. A brand is defined as the name, term, sign, symbol, design, or combination thereof that defines the identity of a company and its product and services. Color Psychology, a branch of psychology, deals with the effect color has on perceptions, human behavior, and effectiveness. According to Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, color is the mother tongue of the subconscious and any color is as strong as the feelings. Color can also be introduced to personalize workspaces in the form of dividers and panels that suit individual tastes. 


Whether visible or actual, the textures are an important element to great office decor. They define the look and feel of the spaces. The right texture gives your decor consistency, depth, and interest, making the environment a pleasant and refreshing place to work. NewMika opens up your world to a rich collection of textures to suit any style, including solid and woodgrains.


A combination of the right colors and patterns breathes life into your commercial spaces. Patterns introduce continuity and smooth transitions across interior spaces. NewMika decorative laminate sheets present a collection of nature-inspired and creative patterns to create unique office decor. Patterns don't necessarily have to match but simply complement each other. 

Transform your office decor today!

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