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Forecasting Top Home Exterior Design Trends for 2023

Wall cladding, if done properly, can add a gorgeous personality to your home exteriors. With so many options to choose from, wooden wall cladding materials have gained popularity over the last decade. If used creatively, wall cladding can elevate the exterior of your house or commercial property. Every year, new home design trends emerge, eclipsing the old ones. Some trends withstand the test of time and become timeless options, while others get, well, old. Whether you are looking for a smart, modest finish or a bold, eye-catching design for your facade and exteriors, we will discuss the top four exterior wall cladding trends to look out for in 2023. Let’s get started.

Sustainable Wall Cladding Materials

Over the last few decades, the use of sustainable wall cladding materials has gained immense popularity. To begin with, it's crucial that your home’s wall cladding is constructed with natural materials that will last for many years, withstanding the wrath of harsh weather conditions. Besides, consumers today are interested in protecting the environment, which is why they prefer using environmentally friendly cladding materials. We believe that the use of sustainable wall cladding will gain widespread popularity in 2023 and beyond, with more people gravitating towards options like HPL cladding.

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Vertical (or mixed) Cladding

It goes without saying that the horizontal style cladding, which tends to follow the lines of the brickwork, has been the go-to design option for many years. However, vertical cladding is quickly emerging as a fashionable trend, particularly when applied to cover an entire wall. This design provides the eyes with a straight, smooth route and can add the impression of extended height, making your walls appear higher than they really are. Vertical cladding can be a clever, modern approach to contemporary house design that works for both residential and commercial projects.

Mixed Wood Textures

As the name suggests, this particular trend implies the use of multiple distinct timber species with various colours, tints, and grain patterns combined as cladding or panels. It can be a perfect choice when looking to add warmth and personality to your outdoor relaxing area. If you don’t know where to start, try contrasting the milky whites of Maple with the dark chocolate browns of Walnut, and for an extra "pop," consider adding an exotic timber with striped patterns like Zebrano.

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Charred Cladding

If you are looking to create a bold, attention-grabbing statement with your exterior wall cladding, don’t hesitate to opt for dark colours. Enter charred cladding. The charring process not only adds a bold personality and crisp design element to your house’s exteriors, but it also protects the timber against water damage, insect infestation, and fire. Bold cladding designs will be the talk of the town in 2023 and beyond. Make sure you are one of those who ride the trend first with a little help from our rich wall cladding catalogue.

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