Simple DIYs to complete makeovers from NewMika Laminates

DIY Mini Makeover Of Your Living Room

From simple DIYs to complete makeovers, even the thought of redoing any part of the home is exciting, isn’t it? And thanks to laminates manufacturers in India, we have a plethora of options to keep giving makeovers to our homes. So, let’s explore together a few simple and easy DIY ideas to transform our living rooms.

Experiments with Basic Walls:

Nothing can match the elegance of neat and plain walls, but at times, experimenting can reignite the wow element. Laminate companies make a beautiful range of laminates that you can use on walls. For walls, wooden laminates or laminates with texture print can help instigate that change.

Balance it out:

Balance your living room’s furniture with the walls and flooring. Also, if you have dark walls, introduce a contrast with lighter floor laminates. That will help bring in a clear emphasis to the two different elements within the room.

Incite liveliness:

Throwing in a bunch of different patterns is also a great idea to incite liveliness in the house. The right furniture & quirky accessories are all you need to uplift the ambience. However, while doing so, avoid overdoing as it will result in a cluttered look.

Bring in some nature: 

Don’t you feel that the empty corners in the living room should be experimented well with to give our eyes a break? 

Filling fresh flowers or indoor plants are a great way to fill the void while adding a great organic shape to a room. Along with these ideas, there are a lot of accessories and décor items like oversized lamps, small tables, dress forms and corner cabinets which you can choose from. Just make sure of one thing – every aspect should look well blended and not an afterthought.