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Creative Ways To Use Decorative Laminates At Home

Home improvement projects don’t have to be limited to kitchen remodeling or a fresh coat of paint in the living room. Modern design materials and a little creativity can go a long way to helping you transform your home. One of the best tools to use are decorative laminates, which have a wide range of creative applications in residential settings. One of the best features about decorative laminates is that they can be used in nearly any room in the home for different purposes. Laminate designs are so varied that a brief look at a laminate catalogue is enough to inspire you with a wave of project ideas. Need some help coming up with some home transformation projects? Take a look at the list of creative decorative laminate applications we’ve compiled in this post!

Line a Bookshelf

It is not uncommon for people to use a variety of decorative laminates to surface their bookshelves. These versatile materials, however, can also be used to give your book storage unit a more subtle yet unique look. One cool project to try is applying laminate sheets to the inside of your bookshelves, lining their back. Choose a bold color or funky pattern from your laminate catalogue to create a fun backdrop for your favorite books.

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Improve Your Home Bar

Are you working on building or already own a home bar? Decorative laminates are a great material to help you set the ambiance for lounging and drinks. From resurfacing your actual bar with a stylish laminate design to creating a sleek statement wall behind the bottles on display, laminates can improve every space! You can also use them in your shelving and storage cabinetry. Whether you choose to mix and match several patterns or go for a uniform look, the results will be eye-catching.

Redo Your Entryway

Want your home to be perceived as stylish and modern? There’s no better room to start making a positive impression in your entryway area. The decor you see upon entering the home sets the tone and expectations for the rest of your home. An easy way to make this area more trendy is by resurfacing its walls or ceiling with a stylish laminate sheet. Top it up with matching furniture and decor and you’ll be good to go.

Add Style to the Mudroom

One space that most homeowners often neglect is the mudroom. Mudrooms are meant to store your daily outerwear, shoes and protect your home. Yet, with some basic interior design improvements, this space can also reflect the beauty you’ve created in the rest of your home. An easy way to improve this area is by freshening up the cabinetry and storage furniture you use on the daily. To do this you can use your favorite decorative laminates to resurface the furniture. With laminate sheets you can make even the most practical of rooms beautiful.

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Bottom Line

Laminate sheets are widely used in residential and commercial settings. While it's common to see decorative laminates applied in bedrooms and living room walls, their uses are limitless. The ideas above just go to show that with a little creativity, laminates can be used for many projects. Feeling inspired? Find out more about how to apply decorative laminates for diverse applications by reaching out to NewMika. Our stylish laminate products and our team's expertise will be your greatest allies. Contact our team at +91 11-4279-1399 or send an email at