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Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Wardrobe Laminates

Wardrobe laminates find a wide range of applications in the manufacture and customization of modern wardrobes as an alternative to solid wood and veneer. Not all laminates are made equal which is why NewMika wardrobe laminates are the prefered choice for most people. Whether it’s your doors, tabletops, or wardrobe, laminates require regular cleaning to keep them looking great and in shape for long. There are certain dos and don'ts that you need to be mindful of when cleaning. Continuing on the topic, in this blog post, we present cleaning and maintenance tips for wardrobe laminates. Take a look.

What to Do

Dust with Microfiber Cloth

Most of the time, regular dusting with a piece of soft cotton or microfiber cloth is sufficient to maintain wardrobe laminates in excellent condition. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle to achieve the same result.

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Use Damp Cloth for Fingerprints

A soft, dry cloth can remove fingerprints from laminates without any difficulty. However, if the fingerprints are greasy and dirty, use a non-abrasive cloth dampened with liquid detergent. You can also use it after dusting for visible marks. Avoid using wax or varnish.

Use Mild Soap and Warm Water for Grime

Children sometimes leave behind stubborn grime on furniture that needs deeper cleaning as opposed to mere dusting. In such situations, a mix of mild soap and warm water is effective in removing dirt from decorative laminates. Don’t let excessive moisture sit long on the surface and only work on small areas that need such cleaning.

Use Acetone for Stains

Another effective cleaning agent for laminates is acetone, commonly known as nail polish remover. It can remove all kinds of stains from laminate surfaces. Soak a small cotton ball or cloth with acetone and dab it repeatedly against the stains. Acetone evaporates quickly and doesn’t leave behind any mark on the laminate surface.

What to Avoid

Products Containing Acids or Abrasives

Avoid aggressive substances such as acid and bleach when cleaning wardrobe laminates as they can damage the finish. Cleaners based on strong detergents can leave a dull film on the surface. When used for a considerable length of time, such solutions can cause laminates to start peeling off.

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Ammonia-Based Cleaners

You should abstain from using cleaners based on ammonia as it is harsh. It usually leaves a cloudy mark on decorative laminate surfaces and results in notable damage over time.

Traditional Dusting Sprays and Wood Polishes

Being non-porous by nature, wardrobe laminates do not respond to dusting sprays and wood polishes the way other surfacing materials do. The cleaners tend to build up gradually on the surface, which dulls the appearance of your wardrobe.

Last Word

The rule of thumb regarding caring for wardrobe laminates is to clean them regularly and avoid using cleaning agents that contain harsh chemicals. Use simple solutions and cleaning methods to keep the laminates in superb condition for years. You also need to make sure that you go for premium quality anytime you have to buy wardrobe laminates. NewMika is a reputable laminate manufacturer that offers different wardrobe laminate designs in our wardrobe laminate designs catalog. Talk to us today by calling at +91 114279399 or email to You can also fill out our Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.