High-pressure laminate sheet from NewMika Laminates

Choosing the Right High-Pressure Laminate Sheets for Your Property

Creating outstanding interiors not only requires a clear vision, but also the right decorative and furnishing materials. High-quality HPL sheets do the job perfectly, enhancing the aesthetics of your spaces and lending a premium appeal. Before starting your search for the right laminates sheet designs, however, there are some things you need to consider. To help, in this blog post, we present a guide to choose the right high-pressure laminate sheet designs for different applications in your project. Read on. 

Consider the Application

Laminates have multiple applications and can be used to beautify virtually every surface in a residential or commercial property. However, when deciding on the laminate to use, you must be clear about the intended application; whether it's to be used on walls, furniture, countertops or cabinet doors. Based on the application, you can select from various properties such as fingerprint resistance, scratch resistance and heat resistance.

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Keep Maintenance in Mind

The care and maintenance requirements for laminate sheets depend on their type and application. Before buying laminate sheets, make sure you get all the information about maintenance. Although laminates are highly resistant to stains and scratches, and are easy to clean, certain designs and textures may require special care. If unsure, consult a product expert of a reputable HPL brand. 

Compare The Prices

Laminate sheets cost much less than hardwood and engineered hardwood surfacing materials. If you choose an even lesser expensive material, such as vinyl, you might be able to save money upfront, but may not get the kind of lifespan you can expect from high-pressure laminates. Once you have shortlisted some suitable laminate sheet designs, you can compare their prices to choose what suits your budget.

Check Current Trends

Knowing the current trends in interior decoration can go a long way in letting you get the best appeal out of laminate sheet designs. NewMika offers an exclusive range of high-quality HPL sheets complementing the latest trends. Some current trends for your reference include longer and wider laminate sheets with shade, tone or tint of grey, or you can always go for the classic high-gloss laminates.

The Final Word

High-pressure laminates allow you to beautify interiors and transform your living spaces. When looking to buy laminate sheets, be sure to go with a trusted name in laminate solutions, such as NewMika. Go through our catalogue to create exceptional décor for homes and offices with a wide range of laminates for all sorts of application. To discuss your requirement or learn more about our range of laminates, fill out our contact form or simply call +91 11-4279-1399.