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Benefits of Improving and Protecting the Building Envelope

A building envelope serves myriad purposes, one of the most notable being acting as a barrier against the world outside the building. It protects people and things inside a structure, helps regulate interior temperatures, while projecting a specific style and quality. Wall panels are one of the solutions that are widely used to improve and protect and beautify the building envelope, whether it is a residential or commercial property. While this blog focuses on the walls, other solutions are used to enhance other elements of the building envelope including the windows, roofing, doors, and floors. Let’s look at some of the notable benefits of improving and protecting the building envelope.

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Tighten the envelope

A loose building envelope allows for more natural ventilation, allowing fresh air in the interiors in the absence of any mechanical means. It, however, poses a number of issues, chief of which is inability to control the indoor environment. Installing exterior wall panels provides insulation, helping tighten up the envelope by restricting air leaks. This allows for better regulation of the indoor environment, reduced moisture issues, improved energy efficiency, and a higher level of comfort for the occupants.

Upgrade Curb Appeal

All buildings need to have a pleasing exterior, which is essentially the envelope. Exterior wall panels provide a finish that upgrades a building’s aesthetics -- raising its profile and even value. Residential property owners can leverage wall panels to bring out their decor style, while commercial and industrial buildings can enhance their brand identity by choosing designs that go with their corporate colours and other considerations.

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Enhance Structural Performance

Installing NewMika FX wall panels also helps enhance the structural performance of the building envelope. The panels help the building envelope better resist water and condensation, both of which can compromise the envelope’s structural integrity. The building envelope can also effectively stand-up to harsh weather elements, giving it an extended lifespan at optimum performance. Other benefits of improving the building envelope include better acoustic insulation and reduced maintenance costs.

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