Wardrobe Laminate designs in India from NewMika Laminates

Basic Tips for Wardrobe Design

Coming up with a system to organize your closet may seem like a tall order but there are some simple rules for success that you can follow right from the design stage. They include prioritizing dresses and other longer hanging clothing, incorporating drawers, inserts, and smart trouser racks, creating seasonal storage, incorporating lighting, and taking advantage of the area behind the doors and on the inner sides of the cupboard. When it comes to the aesthetics factor, you can always count on world class wardrobe laminate designs from NewMika Laminates. Now, let’s take a look at some of the notable tips that you must remember during wardrobe design. 

Prioritize Dresses and Long Clothing

Your wardrobe should feature a long hang section before shelves and drawers. You may want to maximize vertical space by going for a double-hang design. Don't forget to take your height into consideration to determine a proper long hang.

Incorporate Drawers

Drawers present an economical way to store clothes as they make full use of available cupboard space from front to back. They give you easy access to items such as T-shirts, shorts, workout attire, and undergarments. 

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Incorporate hanging rails

Consider incorporating a blend of single and double rails in your wardrobe design. The space assigned to single rails must be in line with the amount of full-length clothing that you own. Rails present the best way to store suits, dresses, clothing that can crease easily, and pressed shirts. 

Consider seasonal storage

In instances where space is an issue, it makes sense to rotate your seasonal clothing. This helps free space in the master storage and you can turn to baskets and bins to keep out-of-season clothing out of the way. 

Make space for extra shoe storage

While men own an average of ten pairs of shoes, women can go up to forty. That is why it is important to design shoe storage space with growth in mind. You may also want to consider different shoe designs from slim sandals to tall boots.

Take Advantage of Inserts and Smart Trouser Racks

Inserts and smart trouser racks are elements that you can put to great use when designing your wardrobe. Inserts include elements such as tie boxes and jewelry drawer liners. Apart from the utility aspect, inserts allow for a beautiful display of your clothing and accessories. Smart trouser racks not only provide a storage that is fit for the purpose but they can also pull out allowing you to adequately explore your options. 

Don't Forget the Aesthetics Factor

Wardrobe laminates are an affordable solution when it comes to getting the aesthetics that blend with your decor and suit your style. NewMika offers premium quality wardrobe laminate designs that feature countless colors and textures. You can also get laminates for a range of other applications. Talk to us to us today to discuss available decorative laminates for wardrobes and other applications. Call +91 11-4279-1399 or +91 11-4950-1499. You can also email us at