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Avoid Common Renovation Mistakes with Careful Planning

Renovating a home or workplace can be an exciting time. With careful planning, you can avoid the stress that often accompanies this process. In fact, including the common plan to “tear out everything” and start over. If you’d like to know more about these problems, and how to avoid them, read on. You may discover you can change an entire room with a few basic treatments, like laminate sheets and easy-to-install engineered wood flooring. 

Start with a Clear Plan

The plan shouldn’t be limited to a brief statement. Don’t make the mistake of starting a renovation project without comprehensive groundwork. Moreover, it’s not necessary to clear out the entire area down to its bones. You can start with dedicated sections of different spaces to ensure minimum disruption. 

Take care not to start tearing off your current wallpaper or other material, only to get so deep into the work you find you’re standing in a room with no walls and only the subfloor. Discipline yourself to the point of writing the major steps of the renovation plan - and stick to it! If you don’t, you could find you’re in an expensive time-and-cost “hole” you can’t climb out of. 

A Few Pennies More

A wise man once said, “It only costs a few pennies more to go first class.” While you don’t have to invest in the most expensive materials just so you can show off, you shouldn’t settle for the cheapest materials either. Saving money by “going cheap” is often the recipe for trouble somewhere down the line. 

In renovation materials, you get what you pay for. For example, you can work with experts who offer the latest laminates and have a major change in appearance without spending thousands of dollars. When you pay attention only to the cheap cost of materials, you may end up having to add to or replace sooner than you think you should.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

If you haven’t heard this age-old advice before, pay close attention to it now. As most industry veterans will tell you, missing your measurement by even a fraction of an inch can make a huge difference in fit and appearance. If you have any doubts about measurements and are unsure about following directions provided with the materials, call someone to help you. You’ll be glad you did. 

In a related area: Don’t begin your installation project before you finish the preparation work. This is often the tedious part of the project, certainly not as exciting as putting the new finish on. If you’ve chosen new laminate sheets designs that will give the room a great atmosphere, be sure you’re ready to install by carefully preparing. 


You should be an informed consumer before and during a renovation project. Give yourself the expertise you need by working with an experienced supplier who has your best interests in mind. A brand such as Greenlam. To discuss your requirements, fill out our contact form and we will be in touch soon. You can also write to us at