Types of high pressure laminates from NewMika Laminates

An Overview of Different Types of High Pressure Laminates

Thinking about changing the way your living spaces look and feel? Or maybe, planning a complete makeover of your home or workplace? In all such cases, high pressure laminate (HPL) sheets come in as an ideal surfacing material. Produced by pressing thin sheets of paper or resin together, designer HPL are the wonder material that every interior designer swears by, as they effuse a sense of sophistication without burning a hole in the pocket and offer various other benefits that make them worth every penny of your investment. While the usage of laminates is widespread, not many people are fully aware about them. Through this article, we help clear the smokescreen by discussing the different types of laminates available today. Read on. 

On the Basis of Thickness

Laminate Sheets

A widely used surfacing material for furniture, cabinets, and wall panels, Laminate sheets can be glued on to various substrate materials such as plywood and using high strength adhesives. These laminates are available in varied thickness that ranges from 0.6mm to 1.5mm. 

Compact Laminates

Compact laminates are manufactured using multiple layers of high quality kraft paper that are dipped in resin and then dried, whereas both the top and bottom sides have laminate surfacing. To make compact laminates, all three layers are compressed and baked, producing an exceptionally durable surfacing material. 

On The Basis Of Usage

Decorative Laminates

As the name suggests, decorative laminates decorate and protect the furniture. These are fancy laminate sheets that adorn various furniture elements to give them a designer look. Available in a wide variety of colours, designs and textures, decorative laminates are widely used in residential properties and plush commercial spaces. 

Industrial Laminates

Finding widespread usage in hospitals, schools, industrial facilities, and various other spaces with specific needs, industrial laminates are sturdier versions of decorative laminates, without too many cosmetic intricacies. They are more focused on delivering on the requirements of the environment where they are used.

On the Basis of Manufacturing Process

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Extremely durable in nature, the high-pressure laminates are created by attaching the décor paper at high pressure to craft paper.

Low Pressure Laminate (LPL)

When the pressure used to press together different types of decorative paper and particle board, plywood or any such base, the laminate is known as low pressure laminate.

On the Basis of Surface Finish


Solid finish laminates are the ones that come in one single solid colour. Widely used in commercial spaces and group housing facilities, these are the most basic and common types of laminates in the market.


Wish to achieve a metallic finish? Metal laminates are your calling. These laminates can be used in both homes as well as offices for a slick metal look. 


Wood is a premium material that is known for its unmatched appeal. But it has its own set of drawbacks such as vulnerability to moisture and termites. You can achieve the premium looks of woods minus the worries by opting for wood laminates.


Abstract laminates include patterns such as granite, natural stone, marble, and other abstract designs that give them a unique look and feel. 

Chalk and Marker

Last but not the least, chalk and marker grade laminates are the go to option in corporate establishments, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, coworking spaces, hotels, and other places requiring collaboration or presentation. 

Wrap Up

Given their remarkable versatility and benefits, laminates can be regarded as a wonder material for almost all conceivable surfacing needs in residential and commercial spaces. That also explains their increasing adoption by leading architects and designers. If you too are thinking about using laminates, look no further than NewMika, a trusted name in the world of laminates. We offer a wide variety of laminates in various designs to suit all your requirements. From the most basic laminate designs to never seen before patterns, there is something for everyone. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our products, fill out our contact form or call +91 11-4279 -1399/+91 11-4950 -1499.