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      • 2015
    • A simple DIY to Keep your White Laminated Doors & Cabinets Clean

    • Being durable & inexpensive,laminated doors have gained a lot of popularity for home décor
      options these days. Laminated doors suppliers offer these doors in myriad of designs to suit
      the ambience & need of every home and that’s probably the reason most of the people today
      have laminated doors in kitchens, bathrooms and rooms. Now there’s no doubtthat these look
      graceful and beautiful, however, over the period of time you have to clean these to maintain
      their sheen & look. This especially holds true with white laminated doors.

      Here is an inexpensive and easy to do DIY to clean white laminate doors in minimum time & efforts
      and keep them intact for years.

      What will you need?

      • Clean, white rag
      • Terry cloth rag
      • Sponge
      • Baking soda
      • Vinegar
      • Bleach
      • Water

      Here is what you have to do?

      •     Take around 1 liter warm water and 1 table spoon baking soda. Mix them thoroughly so that

          soda gets dissolved in the water.

      •     Take a clean white rag and dip it into the soda solution. You need wet and not soaked rag,

          so wring it to take out excess water.

      •     Softly wipe this rug on the doors of kitchen or bathroom to clean them.
      •     Once you are done cleaning one door or cabinet, take another clean wet rag (wet it with normal

          tap water) and wipe doors to remove any marks of baking soda on them.

      •     If there are grease or oil stains on the doors, then spray some vinegar on the stains and leave

          it for five minute and then wipe it off.

      •    In case of wine or juice stains, you would need bleach to get rid of them. But before you do 

          that, you have to take a test on a small area in the corner to check for discoloration.

      It is advised to clean any stain as soon as anything spills over because it won’t leave a stain
      on the laminate and would take less effort to clean them.

      Try this DIY for your white laminated doors and cabinets and you’ll see how easy it is to keep
      them spic and span.


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