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A Guide to Using Laminates on Tabletops

Laminate sheets have a wide range of applications in the world of interior design. Available in an array of designs and textures, they can be used to resurface everything from walls to furniture. One of the greatest benefits of laminate sheets for furniture is that they can be easily installed and instantly transform the look of old or damaged pieces. Laminates are also damage-resistant and easy-to-clean, which helps protect your furniture and simplify maintenance. One of the furniture pieces that can be easily restored using laminate sheets is a table. In today’s post, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to follow to apply laminate to a tabletop.

Select Your Laminate Sheet Design

Laminate sheets come in a variety of options featuring different patterns, thicknesses, and finishes. NewMika’s laminates are built with design paper, craft paper, and overlay impregnated with melamine layers. You can choose from a range of collections such as Unicore, Woods, Abstract, Metals, Solid, and New Arrivals. You should choose a laminate sheet design that suits your decor style in its pattern and color.

Prepare the Surface

Before installing any laminate sheet, you’ll need to prepare your tabletop for resurfacing. If the table is old and already laminated, you’ll have to remove the old laminate sheet first. Carefully remove any residual adhesive. Once you remove the old laminate, or if you are working on an unlaminated piece, follow up by sanding it down. Make sure to dust off all wood particles that remain after sanding the surface.

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Measure and Cut

To make sure the laminate sheets you are using fit your table correctly precise measuring is required. First, measure the tabletop. You’ll want to add an inch-wide margin to the original measurements to give you wiggle room during installation. Next, measure and cut down your laminate sheet according to your table’s measurements. For a professional look, it is important you make cuts as precisely as possible. Take your time and proceed carefully to avoid damaging the laminate sheet.

Install the Laminate Sheet

Finally, you’ll be ready to set the fitted laminate sheet to your tabletop. Once you’ve positioned the laminate sheet on the tabletop you can permanently set it down using the adhesive recommended by the laminate manufacturer. Once you’ve applied the glue and set the laminate sheet, firmly press the sheet down. Maintain pressure by placing heavy objects on the resurfaced laminate while the adhesive dries down.

Last Words

By following the steps above you can easily renew the look of any old table you want to fix up. This is also a good idea to try on a bare table base made by yourself or a carpenter. NewMika has a wide range of laminate sheets that can be used to enhance your favorite furniture pieces. To learn more about our laminated and their possible uses, simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or +91-11-4950-1499, or email at