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A Guide to Buying Decorative Laminate Sheets

The first impression people get about your home or office is largely based on how beautifully the spaces are designed. Realizing a beautiful design starts with a creative idea and ends with using premium furnishing and surfacing materials. Given the plethora of furnishing materials available in the market, however, it is easy to get confused. That is when you can count on decorative laminates. Durable, easy to maintain, and relatively inexpensive; decorative laminate sheets are popular surfacing material for both residential and commercial spaces. To help you make informed buying decisions, we present a list of the factors to consider when buying decorative laminate sheets. Read on.

1. Lifespan

Premium quality laminates undergo an extensive manufacturing process through which they are engineered to be scratch and stain-resistant, and less prone to warping than other surfacing materials such as hardwood and ceramic tiles. These qualities ensure laminates do not get easily damaged, making them highly durable, and having a longer life span.

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2. Variety

When looking for a laminate surfacing material, the options are endless. Leading brands such as NewMika offer decorative laminates catalogue containing different textures to cater to wide-ranging design preferences. Whether you are looking for a particular texture, color, size, or looking to discover available options, you can choose from categories such as solids, woodgrains, abstracts, and textiles.

3. Maintenance

Laminates have a protective wear layer, which actually keeps most of the dirt and debris away from its surface, making easy work of sanitization and cleaning. Being scratch-resistant, the laminates do not need regular repair and require less maintenance than other surfacing materials.

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4. Cost

Laminates usually cost less than solid hardwood and ceramic tiles and are more durable than most surfacing materials. Many factors affect the overall cost of laminate sheets, including the texture, composition, method of manufacture, and installation. You must not just consider the retail price, but also factor the application and value over time.

Enhance Your Surfaces with Decorative Laminates

Available in a wide range of colors, textures, and designs, decorative laminate sheets are perfect for designing an aesthetically pleasing interior - whether residential or commercial. When looking for a laminate sheet that suits your needs, look for a leading name in laminate solutions such as NewMika. Go through our latest decorative and kitchen laminate catalogue. Once you find what you like in the laminate sheets catalog, consider all the factors mentioned in the blog. To discuss your requirement or learn more about our range of decorative laminates, fill out our contact form or simply call +91 11-4279-1399.