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      • 2019
    • 5 Tips to Decorate a Small House

    • Blame it on the ever increasing home and land prices, or credit it to the realization of the strong need for sustainable, need-based living, the fact remains that small houses are now more popular than ever. Several studies have revealed that small house owners have lesser debts and save more money in the long run. While shifting to a small house might sound simple, it is however important to ensure that every part of it is optimised to the highest possible extent for a comfortable living experience. Continuing on the subject, we present five interior designing tips to help decorate a small house that’s big on every other aspect. Read on.  

      Use TV Mounts instead of Media Consoles

      In any living area, a media console for mounting a TV turns out to be the most inefficient use of space ever. Most households own an LCD or an LED flat screen that come with wall mounting accessories out of the box. Avoid using a media console, shift your TV to the wall and mount it for an increased living room space. 

      Create Partitions with Curtains or Tables

      In small houses, one might typically compromise in terms of having separate rooms for dining, study, relaxation, sleeping and so on. A simple solution to creating specific zones for all such activities is to make small spaces inside your house through curtains or tables. You can then build your home office and dining space beside each other by separating them with a curtain or a table. 

      Use Multipurpose Furniture

      It is now easy to find several tables, sofa cum beds and other types of furniture that can do double duty and satisfy several needs. You can, for instance, go for tables that double up as a dining table and work desk. Also, deep sofas have become a big hit in the recent times; buy a sofa that can be extended to turn into a bed. You can add a touch of unique elegance by styling your furniture with decorative laminates.

      Leverage Proven Interior Decor Hacks

      Having light colored walls and flooring, and creating reflection through mirrors are two proven interior decor hacks to make any small room seem more spacious. Moreover, a well-lit room gives an impression of spaciousness. For boosting light in your living spaces, you can use decorative laminates in light colors that reflect light alongside carefully placed mirrors. 

      Think Modern and Stay Flexible 

      When it comes to making a small space more accessible and functional, it is necessary to stay flexible and modern in terms of furniture and appliances. Installing cost-effective and economic furniture such as engineered wooden tables or desks surfaced with laminate sheets instead of hardwood can help you add an aesthetic appeal while being cost-effective and functional. 

      Wrap Up

      Living in a small space doesn’t have to be a compromise in terms of functionality or aesthetics. While styling a small house might seem like a daunting task, decorative laminates can certainly help you boost the aesthetics of your living spaces such as furniture, flooring and walls without costing you a fortune. For world class decorative laminates, look no further than NewMika, one of Asia’s leading brands of laminate sheets. Check our laminate sheets catalogue to discover exciting decorative laminates to add bespoke elegance to your living spaces. If you have any questions or to discuss your requirement, fill out our contact form or call +91 11-4279-1399.

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