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4 Stylish Exterior Wall Panel Design Ideas For Your Home

One of the prominent reasons behind the popularity of wall panels is that they add personality to a building’s exteriors. You can use exterior wall panels to hide exposed wiring and construction flaws, or as an accent feature to entirely transform a building’s overall aesthetics. Wall paneling not only conceals flaws in the walls, but also introduces a stylish look and fresh feel to residential buildings. You can use laminate wall panels to beautify your home’s exterior walls, especially the facade. Here are the 4 stylish exterior panel design ideas for your home.

1. Fresh Mahogany

Mahogany is one of the widely sought wood species in the market. It has properties that make it an obvious choice for homeowners ahead of options such as pine. Fresh Mahogany is aesthetically beautiful, and the wall panels are known for brightening up a home’s surroundings, thanks to its natural look and fresh vibe. If you are looking for wall panels that can add personality to your home’s exteriors, fresh mahogany may be the ideal choice.

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2. Ronan Maple

Ronan Maple is yet another popular wood variant that boasts great looks and aesthetic stains. Architects love maple for its smooth grain pattern, and light, creamy colour. Maple wood panels can brighten up a building’s exterior, and they come in different grain patterns to suit your preferred style. Maple wall panels are a no-brainer when it comes to upgrading the exteriors of your residential property.

3. Walapter Oak

Walapter Oak’s attractive light colour with a prominent grain is also a great choice when looking to add some personality to your residential property’s exteriors. Furthermore, Walapter oak comes in a variety of textures and grains. Whether you are going for a rustic appearance or a simple yet sophisticated look, Walapter oak wall panels can be the ideal choice.

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4. Dana Walnut

Dana Walnut is highly popular among industry professionals. Thanks to its hard, dark, dense, and tight-grained properties, Dana walnut panels can add a sense of wilderness to your building’s exterior. You can choose from a wide range of colour options, from creamy white to dark chocolate, to suit your home’s personality.

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