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4 Post-Covid Interior Design Trends You can Recreate with Laminate Sheets

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted the interior design industry, from strategizing layouts to selecting materials. Over the past couple of years, more people have started visualising their interior spaces with technological interventions (AR and VR), opting for multifunctionality, and choosing new colour palettes. Regardless of the decor theme, one element remains constant and continues to help interior designers and architects bring their imagination to life – surfacing material. High-pressure laminate sheets are renowned for offering endless design options, exceptional durability, and ease of maintenance. In this blog, we present four post-Covid interior design trends you can recreate with laminate sheets.

Sustainability-Inspired Design

In today's landscape, where sustainability is becoming a necessity in almost all aspects of our lives, interior design is also shifting towards materials sourced from ethical practices and easily recyclable. At NewMika, we ensure nothing leaves our manufacturing units that can contribute to environmental degradation. With an objective of "Zero-Liquid Discharge", our products are carefully made in compliance with various international safety standards.

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Revival of Bolder Colours and Designs

According to experts, last year, distinctive natural colour palettes ruled the interior design trends. However, in 2023, bolder and more expressive colour palettes are expected to make a comeback. This implies that bold hues and dark tones will replace the neutral ones to add depth to the space. Additionally, neutral colours will be used along with bold prints. Our extensive catalogue of new-age compact laminate sheets comes with a diverse spectrum of colours, patterns, and designs to help you bring out the right emotion, no matter the application.

Multifunctional Interiors

Multifunctional interiors are among the top trends for both residential and commercial spaces. From luxurious to modular and multifunctional, a significant shift has been observed in interior design. People are focusing on interior designs that serve more than one function, help them reduce effort, and take less storage space. With properties such as ease of maintenance and thermal insulation, compact laminate sheets are an excellent choice as a surfacing material for creating visually attractive and functionally seamless multifunctional interiors.

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Visually Engaging Themes for Workplaces

Contrary to the popular belief that neutral hues are the best choice for offices, workspaces can be visually engaging too. Gone are the days when soft colours were used for designing office workspaces. Today, businesses are opting for a combination of both neutral and vibrant colour tones to promote creativity and enhance work efficiency as a part of their workplace culture.

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