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4 Modern and Attractive Office Interior Design Concepts

Employers compete constantly for the best talent available in the job market. To attract brilliant minds, they not only offer exceptional salaries and perks, but also create workplaces that promote collaboration, creativity, and communication while emphasizing on reducing anxiety and work-related stress. Office design, infrastructure, and the use of materials such as decorative laminates play an influential role in creating an environment that stimulates employees’ productivity. It is important to build a workplace that promotes mental and physical comfort so that everyone can work and produce their best. This blog post discusses four modern and attractive office interior designs that can help attract and retain the best minds while promoting a healthy and comfortable work environment. 

1. Open Office Areas

Today’s MNCs are emphasizing on Activity-Based Working, where an employee can sit and work anywhere they wish in the office. Open office spaces can have a traditional type of seating system with armchairs or sectional sofas along with work desks with laminate surface to accommodate their computer systems. Offices can also feature privacy areas or booths where employees can make confidential calls, conduct meetings, or rest during breaks. The booths can have small laminated wooden tables kept across armchairs where employees can sit and conduct small team discussions. A comfortable and attractive seating arrangement can help employees concentrate on their work for longer periods.

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2. Biophilic Design

Many MNCs in America are reshaping their workplaces by introducing elements of nature in their interior office design to promote better health, work performance, creativity, and concentration among employees. You can bring sunlight into the offices by opting for glass windows, glass doors, and glass ceilings. Office spaces with a biophilic design may include streams, fountains, and mini-waterfalls along with plants in locations such as lobbies and common areas to help purify the air to promote a healthy environment while also bringing natural beauty. All the elements, when contrasted with decorative laminates surfacing on ceilings, staircases, and furniture can give a modern and classy touch. 

3. Bringing a Touch of Home Into the Workplace

To bring a touch of home into the office, you can introduce comfortable sofas, recreational swings, and ping-pong tables. This helps to make the workplace environment stress-free and relaxing. Cozy sofas, cafe tables that are covered with decorative laminates, and a range of other elements can create a home-like feel and encourage more productivity, communication, and creativity among employees. 

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4. Industrial Office Designs

One of the recent trends that is now common in many workplaces is the industrial office design that offers a rustic and simple look to your spaces. Industrial designs are generally characterized by exposed ceiling pipes and beams, air ducts, brick walls on the exterior, large windows, furniture made of natural wood, concrete floors, overhanging pendant lights, and high ceilings. This design can be most suitable for factories, warehouses, and industrial buildings.

Wrap Up

All these office designs are some of the most trending when it comes to office design and decor. They can help transform any office into a comfortable work environment that promotes productivity and good health. To give a premium appeal and class to the designs, you can use decorative laminates to surface the furniture, doors, windows, and ceilings. To know more about available decorative laminate options, get in touch with NewMika’s friendly staff who will walk you through our decorative laminate catalogue and help you choose the best for your office spaces. Contact our team at +91 11-4279-1399 or email us at