High pressure laminate sheet

4 Lesser-Known Features to Look for When Buying HPL Sheets

Are you planning a makeover for your home or commercial spaces? Whatever the case, hpl sheets are a surfacing material that is worth your consideration as they can enhance the beauty of your interiors and offer unmatched durability to the decor. High-pressure laminates are known to effuse a sense of sophistication without burning a hole in the pocket. There are many other advantages that a few people fail to appreciate. Through this blog post, we help clear the smokescreen by discussing some of the lesser-known features that characterize premium quality hpl laminates. Read on.

1. High Dimensional Stability 

Hpl sheets are an ideal choice for all conditions. They are capable of handling expansion and contraction arising from temperature changes thanks to the high quality adhesives used to glue the sheets together. This property makes them an ideal choice for applications in all interior residential and commercial spaces. 

2. Resistance to Steam and Boiling Water

High pressure laminates can bear temperatures up to 180 degrees celsius without developing blisters. Due to their high resistance to steam and boiling water, they are suitable for places that are more prone to steam such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

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3. Resistance to Scratches and Cracks

High pressure laminates are an ideal surfacing solution for areas with heavy foot fall. The protective layer on hpl sheets allows them to retain their gloss for longer durations while making them resistant to normal wear and tear, scratches, and cracks even with rough use. That is why hpl sheets are one of the best surfacing solutions for commercial spaces such as shopping complexes, restaurants, hospitals, malls, theaters, and schools.

4. All Weather Performance

Hpl sheets are highly hermetic and prevent the filtration of water and steam under the surface layer. The quality of not absorbing water and moisture makes hpl sheets a stable product for all weather conditions. Hpl sheets are also extremely resistant to sunlight and maintain their homogenous and uniform tone even under constant exposure to UV rays.

Wrap up

Apart from all the above-mentioned qualities, hpl sheets are one of the safest materials used for residential and commercial spaces decor. The sheets are manufactured under strict green guidelines that emphasize the use of non-harmful components such as resins, kraft paper, wood fiber core, and adhesive. All the qualities make hpl sheets one of the most prominent choices for decorating the furniture surfaces. If you are planning to renovate your spaces using hpl sheets, look no further than the NewMika brand of Greenlam Industries, a trusted name in the world of laminates. We offer a wide variety of laminates in various designs to suit all your requirements. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our products, fill out our contact form or call +91 11-4279-1399 / +91 11-4950-1499.