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4 Creative Ways to Mix and Match Laminates

Mixing different laminate textures, colors, and patterns is an essential way to break the monotony and add visual interest to living and working spaces. Using similar patterns or solid color laminates can give a bland look, while mixing bold colors with different textures give a unique character to living spaces. Newmika presents a vast range of colors, texture and patterns to experiment and give you living space an astonishing look. Here are 4 creative ways to mix and match different patterned and solid laminates for your interior décor.

Match Patterns to Solid Colors

When it comes to wood grain patterns and solid color laminates, it may be best to mix two of them and get the best of both worlds. Use a solid color laminate with a neutral tone and match with a light color wood grain pattern laminate. A slightly textured wood grain will definitely add a rich visual appearance to monotonous solid colored cabinet laminates.

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Introduce Personality with Bold and Contrasting Colors

To instantly add a wow factor to your interior design, you can use bold and contrasting colors. A combination of contrasting colors not only introduces a distinct personality to spaces but also gives them a more contemporary vibe.

Mix Industrial Elements with Warm Solid Colors

While some people like having industrial elements like cement screed finishes, they may appear too harsh in some scenarios, especially in homes. Adding a softer color can bring warmth and make the design visually more comfortable. Wood grain laminates or solid pastel color laminate sheets can easily balance and soften industrial elements such as cement.

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Create Layers of the Same Pattern with Different Colors

The best thing about laminates by NewMika from Greenlam is that you can find a variety of colors for the same pattern. This way, not only do you have a wide selection of amazing patterns but you can also choose different shades of the same pattern and apply it simultaneously to complement each other and create a layering effect. Layering effect can be a good way to avoid a one-dimensional look for large areas such as big walls. Layering with the help of different shades of a single pattern will help add depth and create visual impact.

Wrap Up

Mixing and matching textured and solid color laminates is one of the best ways to break visual monotony and bring spaces to life. NewMika from Greenlam offers a vast range of solid laminates and textured laminates that will definitely give your living and work spaces a new life. To learn more about our laminate collection or to talk to our experts, fill out our contact us form. You can also reach us via email at