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3 Laminate Décor Styles to Redefine Your Home Interior

Home décor themes are no more limited to the looks. Changes in color, for instance, have a significant impact on the energy levels and liveliness experienced within the spaces. Laminates are an ubiquitous surfacing material that goes a long way in transforming your decor to meet your preferred style and impact the desired energy. You can choose according to the texture and pattern to instantly give a makeover to your interiors with minimal effort. Let’s explore three laminate décor styles that can help you achieve astonishing looks with the help of whimsical patterns and alluring textures offered by NewMika Laminates.

1. Bohemian Eclectic Décor 

When it comes to unconventional décor themes, Bohemian eclectic décor offers plenty of vigor and freshness. When looking for a serene and calming feel, you can go for laminate sheet designs with a single pop of color. Choosing calming colors such as topaz blue or emerald green for furniture pieces like a corner table can help add a positive vibe to your space. Bohemian décor also allows you to add abstract patterns to your walls such as dynamic zig-zag chevron patterns in dual color, which can add a unique touch to your spaces.

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2. Versatile Woodgrain Décor

Woodgrain décor gives you the liberty to choose a traditional ambience or go for a modern look for your spaces. Nothing imparts class, comfort, and excitement like premium wooden laminate designs as they are available in a vast range of patterns. Using wood patterns for furniture laminates such as on contemporary chairs helps give the space an uncluttered look while exhibiting pure class.

3. Eccentric Monochromatic Décor

A classic combination of black and white can never go out of fashion as it adds an eccentric appeal to your spaces. The monochromatic décor allows you to achieve a magical abode by converging simplicity and boldness. When it comes to the walls, let them speak the language of monotone using high-pressure glossy laminate sheets that highlight an expression of cheer and delight. You can also place some wood pattern laminate furniture to add an earthy element to the place. Wood patterns soothe the senses and evoke a feeling of tranquility.

Wrap Up

Laminate sheets are a great choice when looking to redefine the look and feel of your interior spaces with minimal effort. Browse through our extensive collection of laminate sheets and choose designs that go with your desired décor theme. To learn more about the vast range of laminate designs offered by NewMika Laminates, email at or fill out our contact form. You can also call us at +91 11-4279-1399 or +91 11-4950-1499.