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3 Facts Every Homeowner Should Know About Laminates

Laminate sheets are taking the interior design world by a storm, being used anywhere from kitchens to bedrooms. More and more people around the world are considering using laminate sheets to remodel homes and workplaces. Have you too considered using laminate sheets in your property? If your answer is a yes, getting acquainted with all the basics of this type of material will help you choose the right laminate sheets for your project. In today’s post, we’ll share three basic facts about laminates every homeowner should know before using them. Read on. 

1. Laminates Are Eco-Friendlier than Most Alternatives

The use of wood and panels is popular since these materials are used to give the surface a trendy and stylish look. However, these materials are sourced directly from the earth. The more they are used in non-essential home decor, the more we are wasting our natural resources. For homeowners looking to improve the look of their interior surfaces in the most sustainable way, laminate is undoubtedly the best choice. For the greenest laminate sheets, you can count on NewMika. Our diverse range of laminate designs is fully accredited to comply with green practices. You can take a look at our green credentials here.

2. Not All Laminates Offer The Same Performance

Those looking to invest in laminates for their homes often have questions about which laminate sheets to go for. As it turns out, not all laminates are made the same and different manufacturing leads to different product performance. At NewMika, we exclusively offer high quality laminate sheets of 1 mm thickness accredited with Greenguard, OHSAS, ISO 9000, ISO 14000 certifications. Our confidence in our products and their durability is so great that each of your laminate purchases will be protected by a 10 year warranty.

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3. Laminates offer Increased Durability and Damage Resistance

When you choose our laminates rather than other materials to apply to any of your home’s surfaces, you can be certain the results will last. Other surfacing materials can require extensive cleaning and care and even then, are easily damaged. Laminate on the other hand is resistant by nature. Our products are resistant to heat, stains, scratches, steam, cracks and surface wear. This means that they can be applied to many surfaces, including walls, table tops and cabinets, providing long-lasting beauty to your interiors.

Bottom Line

Are you thinking about giving your home or favorite room a remodel? Consider using laminate for your next interior design project. Now that you’ve the answers to some of your questions about laminate sheets with the facts above, you can move forward with your project. Still have questions or would like to get information on our product range? Feel free to contact our team at +91 11-4279-1399 or send an email at We’ll be happy to help you take your picks from the NewMika laminate collection.