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3 Cost-Effective Uses of Decorative Laminates to Beautify Your House

Laminates are one of the most common surfacing materials used to decorate most household furniture items such as tabletops, wordrobes, and kitchen cabinets. They help protect furniture for a long time while beautifying it at the same time. Laminates in India are available in a wide range of designs, textures, and colours from which to choose. They usually mimic natural and expensive materials such as marble and timber. Decorative laminates are an economical yet surfacing material for any home decor. In this blog post, we discuss three cost-effective uses of laminates to beautify your house. Read on!

1. Create Lifelike Texture on Walls

Unlike those expensive materials and wallpapers, decorative laminates are one of the best solutions when looking to create a wall feature that looks classy and natural. Decorate laminates are available in options that imitate different wood types down to colour and grain variances. Available high-pressure laminate options such as medium-toned laminates are best when you wish to go for a rustic wall feature. Be it your living room, house entrance, hallway, at the back of the television console, dining area, or your bedroom wall, you can easily jazz up the space using decorative laminates to add character and warmth to your house.

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2. Mix and Match

No doubt, fancy elements and wood laminates are the trend when it comes to beautiful decor. You can't, however, underestimate simple solid-colored laminates as they can easily help you showcase your style with unique geometric shapes on walls and tabletops. You can always play with contrasting textures and colors and create lines, patterns, and shapes on furniture. Get a smoother, bolder, and even wall surface by combining stone-inspired and metallics design prints from the NewMika range of decorative laminates. They are water and scratch-resistant, which makes them last for a longer time.

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3. Innovate With Left Trimmings

After the interior decoration and renovation work is completed, your contractor will surely leave behind odd pieces of decorative laminates that can be used in many creative ways to decorate small furniture items in the house. Put your creative juices to work and explore platforms such as Pinterest for ideas. You can easily make something different and stylish with the trimmings such as drink coasters, decorate your serving trays, make personalized gift tags and photo frames, and even attempt bigger projects such as laminate door signs for the kitchen, bathrooms, and entrance. Of course, all this will require some basic knowledge and carpentry tools, and loads of patience but the results you get will be worth the effort.

Wrap Up

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and a wealth of knowledge and experience, laminate suppliers such as NewMika are constantly bringing fresh decorative laminate options in the market to give you more choice. Laminates are not only affordable when compared to other surfacing solutions, they are also easy to maintain and install. If you wish to know more about available options in our decorative laminates catalogue, contact Newmika’s team at +91 11-4279-1399 or send an email at We are happy to help you choose from some of the best decorative laminates in India.