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3 Benefits of Installing Laminate Door Sheets

Doors are the prelude to the interior design of any room and create the first impression of your home for guests. Engineered wood door panels can be painted or feature veneer or laminate surfacing. NewMika Laminate sheets are a leading surfacing material for both residential and commercial projects. They are a sturdy, scratch-resistant, and water resistant material that scores full points on aesthetics. When looking for door laminate sheets in India, NewMika presents a world of options. We manufacture premium laminates that meet various international standards on parameters such as quality and durability. Let’s look at three reasons why laminates work well on door panels.

1. Variety of Colour & Design Options

Laminates are factory-made materials manufactured using premium quality paper, melamine, resins, and industrial adhesives. It makes it possible to manufacture laminates in a variety of designs, prints and colours. It is easy to find laminates in India that match your decor theme. NewMika offers top-quality decorative and digitally printed laminates as well as abstract designs that are a favourite for contemporary homes.

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2. Stain Proof & Scratch Resistant

Doors must be able to withstand high wear and tear over the years. Pets and children at home, stains, and scratches are a common concern when it comes to the aesthetics of doors. Laminate sheets are stain proof and scratch-resistant laminates for your home to keep damage at bay. Door laminate sheets available at NewMika meet international quality standards. We offer sturdy feature-rich laminates that are not only resistant to impact, scratches, surface abrasion, and stains, but are also easy to clean.

3. Water-Resistant

Any water seepage or leaks can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of doors and door frames leading to warping and termite issues. Laminates are not just water-resistant and non-porous but also steam and moisture resistant. Even extreme temperatures and seasonal changes in humidity cause no harm to premium quality door laminate sheets.

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