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3 Applications of Laminates in the Home

Laminate sheets are a lifesaver when it comes to interior decor. They are a cost-efficient surfacing solution that boasts superior aesthetics and durability when compared to a host of alternatives. You can easily bring out the desired look when working with laminate sheets whether it's the kitchen, bedroom, or living room on items such as furniture. NewMika offers a rich laminate catalogue featuring some of the best designer laminates in the market. Here is a look at some of the applications to which you can put designer laminates.

Wall Cladding

One new decor accessory thanks to laminate sheets is wall and ceiling panelling. You can take advantage of textures, patterns and styles across our designer laminates range to bring life to otherwise dull walls and ceilings in commercial and residential spaces. They can be used to create beautiful and functional partitions or highlight specific areas of the wall such as behind the bed.

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Kitchen Surfacing 

The NewMika kitchen laminates catalogue features a wide range of designs, colors, and textures for application on surfaces such as kitchen walls, shutters and cabinets. Apart from introducing impeccable aesthetics, kitchen laminates are endowed with great properties such as heat resistance and easy cleaning. Choose from over 350 decors and 51 exclusive trendy designs to bring life to your decor. 


Laminate sheets also find wide application on pieces of furniture. They are used in the making or refurbishment of furniture items such as wardrobes, beds, sofas, tables, and stools. They can also be applied to bookshelves, bathroom wall shelves, and a range of other fixtures. NewMika gives you access to a huge collection featuring collections such as woods, solids, abstract, unicore, and metals from which you can choose according to your decor. 

Transform your Decor

When looking to transform your decor, you can never go wrong with our laminates catalogue. We have various laminate designs for every unique need and give you the guarantee of world class quality. Our laminates come with a 10-year warranty and boast numerous certifications. Call today at +91 11-4279-1399 or +91 11-4950-1499 to discuss your requirement and get answers to all your questions about available options in our laminates catalogue. You can also email us at or fill out our Contact Form