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2020 Interior Design Trends You Can Recreate With Laminate Sheets

Whether you are working on home remodelling or designing an interior space from scratch, staying up to date with current trends is a must. 2020 has been a year of change in many aspects including interior design. There are different materials you can use to ring your interior decor to life, one of which is laminate sheets. You can use the best laminate sheet designs to recreate some of the most popular styles in 2020. Let’s look at some of the popular interior design trends you can recreate using NewMika’s range of laminate designs.


Simplicity is becoming synonymous with style. In 2020, less is indeed more, especially when it comes to interior design. Modern kitchens no longer feature a wide variety of textures, patterns, and colors. Instead, people are going for kitchens that are as minimalist and open as possible. A big trend in designing kitchen spaces is limiting the color palette to two and using the same dual tones throughout the entire space. One popular example is using solid glossy white laminates and contrasting wood laminate designs. Another option is using concrete grey laminate surfaces with a pop of highlight color.

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Not only is going green the right thing to do, but it is also the “in” thing. Ecological home design is all the rage right now and it is a trend that you won’t regret bringing into your home design. Laminate sheets from NewMika have ecological and sustainability certifications making your design project environmentally-friendly. Our laminate designs have several green credentials including IGBC, Greenguard, FSC, and ISO 9001 certifications, among others.


Just like we saw the color grey reign in 2019, 2020 already has a trending color when it comes to home decor. Neutral grey was all over the magazines in previous years but this time around more colorful tones are gaining popularity. Blue surfaces, especially for walls, shelves, cabinetry, and other major pieces are in vogue this year. To recreate this trend, you can add solid blue laminate designs to your walls as panels, or use blue tones for your kitchen or wardrobe makeover. Other popular colors this year include pink and pastels.


Laminate sheets are a great surface material that can help you recreate 2020 interior design trends in your home. Browse through New Mika’s extensive collection of laminate sheet designs to choose options that suit the desired decor. You can also contact our team for more information by sending an email to or filling out our contact form.